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NEW MONEY (Publication): A New Kind of Online Media Platform… (this Blog)

Well at least its starting as this blog, but anyways… New Money publication, okay what is this? Now we could do the typical Silicon Valley thing and compare this blog to like-minded platforms (that’s always a fun exercise in uselessness). And in that case we plan to make this “a healthy middle ground between publication platforms like Reddit and Elite Daily with a better Bitcoin used for social interactions and transactions… and even newer kinds of economic engagement… (secret SAUCE ALERT!) That should work except for the fact that Uber is not thrown in there somewhere. You have to have UBER in this day and age for anything to make $ense.

In all seriousness though, New Money as described on our Facebook page will be a first-of-its-kind online media publication platform with a built in digital currency for tipping and supporting. Its a simple blog now, but that’s our ultimate goal. Now ‘first-ok-its-kind’ does that mean no one has ever tried what we are about to attempt? Not at all. But part of what will make New Money’s publication different is that we will focus on including this digital currency to really explore what innovation can look like around content economics and micro-transactions. We are looking to change the kinds of pricing and socio-economic engagement that (due to technology) can now be explored between content creators and the audiences that love what they produce.

Generally speaking this platform will focus on three things:

  1. Mostly written and some visual content that showcases entrepreneurs, millennial talent, personalities and anyone else making new wealth for themselves. (“Making new wealth” is loosely defined and will mean more than money and business. It will mean lifestyles, trends, and anything else that is entertaining and relevant as topics to Millennials.)
  2. Creating and supporting a new style of micro-transacting with a platform currency. The digital currency represents real value for all who engage with the publication and is a clear representation of the brand’s namesake [ie New Money].
  3. Eventually allowing contributors to post and start new topic sections and platforms creating their own communities and economies of content creators and audiences.

NOTE: Sollars and Sense: Smart Money, the currency we plan to use with this publication, can also be used in some cases to describe the term “New Money”. But to stave off confusion we usually refer to Sollars as Smart Money and this publication as New Money. Make $ense?

No seriously why include this digital currency?

No seriously as a publication, we are not only looking to support Millennial’s unique generational voice (that’s the easy part). But more importantly, with this digital currency, we would also be nurturing the development of this generation’s economic well-being. As unapologetic Millennials, for our generation, we believe it is no longer enough for us to get our voices heard and express our lifestyle for “likes”or “shares”or advertising dollars. That is what has created the ridiculous insecurity prone boastfulness of platforms like Elite Daily. Its time to tone it down and bring sophistication to content economics in a way only this generation can understand and produce.

We don’t envision New Money just “giving people a voice” and a platform to showcase themselves. We see highly engaging content and a new monetary system designed to support that content with real economic value. As a generation we need to travel beyond the superfluous ad-bait click-bait non-$ense and explore the real possibility of new sustainable living doing, creating and supporting the content we love. The time has come to radically change and redefine the meaning of getting paid for great work and consumers putting their money where their mouth is or their “Like” is or their “Subscribe” is or their up-vote is. We believe a new currency designed specifically for this type of social engagement is the key. The technology has existed for a while now. We are just looking to take advantage of it in a way that makes $ense.


By including a digital currency like Sollars and $ense as a main differentiator and engager users will be able to monetarily support the content published on this platform. It won’t be mandatory but its use will be incentivized in many ways. That is in both its purchase and various action that lets one earn it. And for engagement, we are not just talking tipping. We are talking up voting down voting community and organic gamification (meaning you came up with the scheme with our software tools). Imagine if all these meaningful actions (and more (secret SAUCE ALERT!)) came with a supportive transactional element? Yes all having transactional prices that let you support content you like while earning loyalty points you deserve. We envision content always being free to read and users voluntarily supporting content with monetary actions. And these action examples fit one possible scheme. There are plenty. All you need is one use case success and we believe it’s over.

Simply imagine if the reason why content was going viral was not because of its crazy click-baity non-$ensical titles… But now because its creator was getting lots of “Makes $ense” buttons pushed for her article? Meaning people were putting their money where their mouth was and supporting her point of view with a simple button that tipped 3 $ense (the highest amount one can tip). And the people who tipped the earliest were racking up loyalty points for backing the type of content that went viral which in turn gets them more $ense or other gifts offered in a possible loyalty loop (SECRET SAUCE ALERT! SECRET SAUCE ALTERRRTT!!!). This is what we are excited to explore! The possibility of a never ending cycle of sustainability and loyalty.

Finally the digital currency we plan to use on this blog [Sollars and $ense: Smart Money or New Money] is also shared with another platform for visual content creators called Sollywood TV. And we hope to spread it slowly to more content platforms to show there is a new way content can actually sustain its creators when items are correctly priced or social engagement is at the centerpiece of the community. The currency is still under construction and in the coming weeks we are looking to fund its final development through a Kickstarter. We will talk more in depth about it in the next blog post. For now stay tuned and welcome to New Money!

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