Its just a blog now, but we’ve got plans… Big plans. This New Money blog is the starting ground for a new type of online media publication. One that hopes to give content creators the life we’ve all dreamed of; “Living off our unique voice and work”. So if you’ve got that, then this is the place for you.

New Money will be a First-of-its-kind media publication platform with a built in digital currency for tipping and supporting. Part of what will make this publication different is we will focus a lot of our attention on including this digital currency as a main feature for this place. This is so individuals with a voice, like yourself, will be able to really explore the kinds of pricing and socio-economic engagement new money technologies now allow. 

As a team of unapologetic Millennials, for our generation, we believe it is no longer enough for us to get our voices heard and express our lifestyle for “likes”or “shares”. We need sophistication in our content economics. We don’t just want to give people “a voice” and platform to showcase themselves. We want people to go beyond the superfluous ad-bait click-bait non-$ense and explore the real possibility of new sustainable living doing, creating and supporting the content we love. We believe a new currency designed specifically for this engagement is the key.

The digital currency we plan to use on this platform is called Sollars and $ense: Smart Money. We are sharing it with another platform for visual content creators called Sollywood TV. And we hope to spread it slowly to more content creator focused platforms to show there is a new way content can actually sustain its creators. This is especially true when items are correctly priced or social engagement is at the center piece of the community. The currency is still under construction and in the coming weeks we are looking to fund its final development through a Kickstarter. Any questions email us