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NEW MONEY: Explaining The New Money Project

New Money is a simple brand that refers to the digital currency aimed at mainstream consumers Sollars and $ense: Smart Money… or New Money.

The New Money project was started as a way to build ‘killer apps’ that would utilize this digital currency while reach regular everyday consumers. This project will be responsible for putting out products like this blog and Sollywood TV which plan to utilize Sollars and Sense as a transactional layer. We believe Smart Money is the key to giving every day regular consumers, real examples of how new money technologies can change their lives today. Not tomorrow. TODAY.

We know the ultimate plan for this blog, but what of Sollywood TV? How will Sollywood TV with Sollars and Sense change regular consumers lives today? That is why this is being written so we can talk about that.

The Sollywood TV Pitch

Sollywood TV with Sollars and Sense is essentially a new online marketplace for content and content services with its own digital currency built in for pricing. The market place has that digital currency, Sollars and Sense, so it can innovate the way content creators can price their content to where a consumer will actually pay for it.

So for example if we partner with Netflix to provide their service through our marketplace. Netflix can absolutely sell at 7.99, 8.99 10.99 (Whatever.99) with our currency (Sollars is a 1-1 exchange to the Dollar). Why can they price here? This is simply because Netflix has proven the market enjoys the content experience they have to offer at those prices. They have zero problem on boarding consumers. They would get paid 90% of what comes in at those prices and we would get 10%. Simple. All is well.

Now if you are a short filmmaker and we partner with you to sell your content through the marketplace. You will not be selling at 7.99. Why? Not enough individuals would buy your film at 7.99 for you to make a living or for us to make a living. As a matter of fact no one would buy your film at that price. Lets be real. No one knows you. And even if they did that is still not a price most individuals would pay for your short film. Its incorrect.

But if you could price it at 7 $ense or even half of that or even less… now many more individuals (we are talking millions) would be open to what you have to offer as a short filmmaker. You would get paid we would get paid all is well. And with Sollars and $ense you can actually sell at 7 $ense or 3 Sense or 1/5th with no problem, WHILE getting 80-90% of what comes in for your content. You would make 80-90% of what came in at those prices we would make 10-20%. That is the power of new money technologies. And its a BIG DEAL.

Old Money

We all know our current money systems don’t work at those very low prices. Its impossible to price that low. You’ve never bought something online for 7 cents for a reason. You’ve never pulled out a credit card to constantly pay for things that are less than a penny for a reason. And yet, even though that is our reality, at the same time the overwhelming majority of content creators need to price here and even lower. We are talking about the excellent content creators you don’t see on NetflixThe ones that have great talent but can’t make enough with YouTube’s ridiculous revenue sharing model.

These content creators need to price at these low prices and even lower to even get noticed by consumers or have a chance at making a living or seeing better opportunities come their way. And make no mistake this silent majority of content creators you dont see? They make up at least 2/3rd of the entire content creator market and easily make billions of dollars Sollars worth of content output a year. Output that needs a sufficient price to see that value become a reality in the real world. Output that will grow as these content creators become better at content creation and building bigger audiences ie Consumers. #Make$ense?

So are you starting to sense why this marketplace can be such a big deal? This platform doesn’t just look to help the Netflix or the Hollywood Big Wigs of the world it also looks to helps the unknown creator to monetize and find audiences too. The key is the right price and giving all content creators the overwhelming majority of what comes in at those correct prices. That’s why we say with Sollars and Sense, the marketplace Sollywood TV has the potential to be the ultimate replacement platform to Cable TV. The platform everyday consumers have wanted today and FOREVER… 

Let’s explain further.

You see Cable and the larger entertainment distribution model is a $200 Billion dollar a year industry that is long overdue for disruption. Anyone in their right mind will admit everybody hates Cable. The consumer market has been begging for better solutions to their terrible experience for years. And over the last 7-10 years we have seen the free market provide these better platforms. Platforms that continues to bring the rapid and irreversible decline in Cable subscriptions.

You know some of them: Netflix, YouTube, YouTube Red, Hulu, HBO Now, Vessel, VHX, Makers Studios, BuzzFeed, Patreon, Apple TV, Facebook Video, Vines, Roku and so much more. All these platforms along with Millennial behaviors are proving the free market will bring an end to Cable. It is irreversible.

Sollywood TV with Sollars and Sense is simply the final nail in that coffin of Cable TV. This is because for the first time, we will see a platform go further than all those previous platforms combined, and allow any type of content creator to correctly price their content. This means pricing it in a way where a consumer or a majority of consumers will actually pay for it. Because of smart money now anyone and everyone can have that equal opportunity to price correctly in the online marketplace. None of those platforms can claim that. Not Netflix, not YouTube, not VHX, not HBO, not Patreon or any other. Our marketplace is the only one that can.

That’s what makes us the ultimate replacement for everyday consumers Today. 

Finally understand Hollywood is simply where New Money starts. Its the same way that Facebook started with colleges and Amazon started with books and Uber started with Taxis. You have to start somewhere that makes $ense. And for us that is clearly Hollywood. But understand there is room to grow and service the Millennial market in ways that only New Money can. They want to see this change very badly as much as they want to see a change to their banking system. This project will be here to provide a solution for both Millennial desires. 

So to our crypto-currency enthusiasts understand this means 100 million dollar market caps? 12 Billion dollar market caps? They’re all chump. That is compared to what happens to the currency community that can convince Millennials they have the killer app for digital currencies today. And that is what this project is here to do… #Make$ense


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