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NEW MONEY: First Mission – Take Down Hollywood

Just like Uber Did The Taxi Industry…

If you haven’t already check out our short mission statement on the New Money Facebook page you should do it now. This post is simply an extension of that… As we stated this blog/media outlet has many missions. But our immediate one is pretty clear. Help KickStart and successfully fund Sollywood TV with its built in digital currency Sollars and Sense: Smart Money (or New Money). We plan to promote and achieve that mission through Kickstarter.

Why start with Hollywood and Visual Content Creators?

Lets be clear, as a blog (publication platform soon), here at New Money we believe content creators of all kinds should be monetarily compensated. To us, it shouldn’t matter how big or small your content is or what type of content it actually is. Everyone should have the ability to price their content and gain value from it. Crucially we also believe the key to that is offering the right price points for content no matter how big or very small that price has to be. Nowhere is this issue more important with the most stakes for both Content Creators and Consumers than in the Hollywood and Cable TV industry. We call that industry the grand Wizard of Oz if there ever was one. Although everyone hates Cable people rarely tend to understand the ACTUAL problem with this industry and its terrible distribution and pricing model. So they end up seeing Hollywood/Television as the Wizard of Oz… Something that cannot be taken down. Keep watching… Dorothy is about to pull back the curtain…

As we said it is no secret, everyone hates Cable and would gladly look for a complete alternative that made more $ense for their everyday lives… If it only existed we all say. Yes in truth we all know we shouldn’t have the time to shell out $100 – 200+  a month for one thousand 24/7 channels of which we only really watch 4 to 7 hours… of may be 2 to 3 channels… Lets be serious. No one in this day and age watches 24 hours of a channel, let alone needing to pay for 1000 of them… Especially when you can watch most of that content online legally for a small fee and sometimes now FOR FREE.

But if we all know this is ridiculous and we all hate Cable then why haven’t things really changed? Yeah there is Netflix, and we can chill with that, but it’s not really complete. Yeah there’s YouTube, but since its price is $free it attracts a certain type of content… albeit a lot of hours of that content but it’s still limiting… Feels like something is missing with these new platforms. And even though their platforms are very disruptive they don’t go far enough for everyone. Just can’t put our finger on why… To make matters worse we actually can’t put all the blame on the new content creator and provider platforms. We do have to take a hard look at ourselves…

What’s the Problem with Us? Consumers?

Look at our behavior… I mean have consumers ever done something like this in mass before? Where they all continue to use a service or system that clearly sucks and needs a revamp? Where they prop up, support and subsidize a system they clearly hate? Have we done that?  Actually now that you have asked, yes we have. Its called the old Taxi system (or whatever is left of it). Because then Uber came along. And just like we were overpaying and stuck with the Taxi system until Uber came along, we believe an Uber solution has finally made its way to Hollywood. If we just support it.

You see contrary to popular belief the key to fixing Cable for both Content Creators and Consumers is revolutionizing Hollywood’s content pricing system. It is not changing the size of the bundle and then still offering a ridiculous price [ie Xfinity]. It is not changing the size of the bundle and then offering a smaller price that can change to a larger price at any time [ie Netflix]. It is not trying to make every content in the world free by playing against shitty ads with an even shittier revenue split for the content’s creator [ie YouTube]. No No and No.

It is however revolutionizing the way all content creators (emphasis on ALL) can price their specific content, to where the maximum amount of consumers will actually pay for it. What we are saying is once we revolutionize the pricing aspect of Hollywood to where any Content Creator or provider (including you) can now price at necessary price points, including 3 $ense, or even 1/5th of that. When content creators have the freedom to do that and have consumers engage with those prices in a user-friendly way… There will be no going back.

Make $ense?

Well you might say Hell and No. 1/5th of a cent sound like too small of a price point. And that may be true… That is until you’ve got millions paying that… And you’re making 80-90% on it as a Content Creator. That’s better than YouTube and Netflix pricing model combined. And if you think millions of people paying for your content at that price point is impossible. Just remember humans literally throw away pennies like they throw away trash. All we are saying is now one man’s trash can be another filmmaker’s treasure. This is the power of Sollywood TV with Sollars and $ense: Smart Money. And it is why New Money as a publication will share the digital currency for its own engagement goals and also support its KickStarter success.

It is what we believe will catapult and snowball our movement from the smallest of content creators to the largest in our industry. It’s time to build and support a system where any content creators big or small has a chance to find an audience by pricing their content correctly. A mission no one has taken on until now. Sollywood TV with Sollars and Sense will allow us the greatest chance to complete that mission by helping content creators find and maintain new audiences with pricing models that work for their specific content.

In closing there are many issues to discuss and understand when it comes to the Hollywood distribution system and how it can be changed. That is why as a publication we will focus on playing as the media and news outlet for this product platform and its KickStarter. In the coming weeks we will be releasing informal and entertaining content geared towards educating individuals about this project and the wonderful currency community that has rallied around it to make it happen. As a publication we will bring you the latest news in Hollywood, Sollywood, digital currencies, Millennial culture and anything else we see relevant to consumers freeing themselves from the shackles of the Cable system.

For more information make sure to Like us, Follow us and check back here regularly for updates. We would like to send a special thanks to our development & money tech partners in Bitshares. As a community Bitshares is comprised of technologists, activists, coders, free-thinkers and individuals who believe wholeheartedly in the transformative power of New Money. We’ve come together to utilize existing technologies to their fullest potential and create the most functional platform for the entire content creator ecosystem. We are in the same space as Bitcoin but we are more iTunes than their Napster status. Stay tuned we are just getting started!

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