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NEW MONEY: The Funding Ourselves Series – Part 4 [SoLCerts]

My motto for this project is very simple: Make $ense for the World’s Economies. That is all we are here to do. And to start that we need to start in the most logical way possible. Now any project that wants to accomplish something like providing a new currency for the entire world has to start somewhere that makes $ense for a specific use-case. We’ve already seen and experienced the make it rain approach (start everywhere with everyone) and it does not work in the long run. If we let history be our guide it shows for technology to be adopted in mass it must cater to and provide an extremely useful solution to a specific demographic starting out. Then build from there when the timing is right.

That is why Facebook started with colleges, and Amazon started with books and most recently Uber with taxis. Each company has built out from their initial starting point to acquire their entire market and other markets consumers never even thought were possible to enter. And we are seeing this in real time with Uber. We will follow this wise road that is less traveled by currency communities but has become a staple in mainstream tech. For New Money our start is in Hollywood with the $200+ Billion content creator market that is ripe for disruption. From this start we will expand to other projects and initiatives that use Sollars and sense to increase world demand and spur on positive economic growth.

As the series has stated to accomplish navigating this road to mass adoption we want to maximize our independence of the old system for funding. For that to start in the most logical way we have decided to issue crypto-tokens. We have created a crypto-token to represent the SSS Sollar Bond today before its official implementation on the Sollars DAC. The token has been dubbed SoLCerts (pronounced: soul-sert). Each SoLCert represents the value of one SSS Sollar Bond which (as we have come to know) represents the value of one future Sollar to be redeemed by the bondholder. You already know the exchange rate for Dollars to Sollars and vis versa for mainstream consumers. Do the math.

Right now SoLCerts have primarily been created for the purpose of allowing individuals to donate various crypto-currencies to our project while receiving these tokens in return. But some have been set aside to also rewarding individuals who participate and complete quests [ie: tasks] for our projects up coming KickStarter (and its various marketing needs).

Any community member of any crypto project can complete any of our tasks and get rewarded with SoLCerts. So don’t worry if you are not part of the Bitshares community. We’d love and would appreciate your support too. If you believe in a consumer friendly currency and can appreciate our path to bringing one to the masses then by all means come aboard our rocket ship. You know where it’s headed.

Our quests have been divided into Daily Weekly and Epic categories. You can check out this thread to see our daily quests and some Epic Quests that have been posted and get started. One can also purchase SoLCerts on the open market through Bitshare’s decentralized exchange. Simply visit openledger or download the Bitshares wallet and you will have access to getting them. We will try to get the asset on other exchanges too. This task is part of our weekly quests.

All funds raised through SoLCerts will go towards marketing efforts for Sollywood TV with Sollars and Sense and its upcoming KickStarter. A successful KickStarter is crucial to this project taking off with mainstream consumers. If we do it together we can make it happen.

Other reasons SoLCerts are being issued:

  1. To continue development of the Sollars and Sense currency and payment system (blockchain)
  2. To continue development of the digital ecosystems Sollars and Sense will be utilized with/in [ex. hiring individuals for Sollywood TV & New Money (publication)]
  3. To provide our currency community with an alternative for raising capital and leverage to achieving set goals and objectives against any would be vultures or oppressive entities.
  4. To provide Early Believers and Investors a chance to make a fortune for a Great Cause and possibly diversify into the Next Big Digital Currency movement.
  5. Access to the future Sollars and Sense Money Tree (blockchain/DAC) and its crypto-asset today

SoLCert Properties

Amount to be Created:

10,000,000 (1o Million)

Face Value:

Represents the value of one Sollar (through SSS Bond)

Interest Rate:

Not Applicable

Sold exclusively in Crypto-Currencies

(First Auction in BitCoin, BitShares & Ether)

Date of Maturity:

Not Applicable


Automated (when DAC is completed)


SoLCerts is an example of using a token to represent a portion of the 1 trillion SSS Sollar bond fund. 10,000,000 SSS Sollar bonds will be represented through this token. Like US treasury bonds we will continue to put up Sollar bonds in the crypto market through a series of auctions using crypto tokens like SoLCerts. This is the first in a series the next will be an official crowd-sale. When the time comes all of our assets issued will be able to be migrated to the official Sollars money tree and exchanged for that system’s bonds or Sollars. Either way everyone holding these tokens will eventually get the system’s Sollars. We as the Bitshares community have already done this type of scheme plenty of times and our developers are more than capable of doing it again. Again we don’t have a team behind this, we have a community of expert programmers developers and industry professionals who understand the intricacies of building new payment systems and working with complex financial assets.

Now although this first auction will be in Bitshares, future auctions may take place in Bitcoin and other cryptos. This first auction is in Bitshares as that is the community we have been with from the start and has embraced what we are doing. It is only right to stay loyal to those who have supported you. But we want it to be understood that all people who believe in a mainstream alternative currency are welcomed to be involved with this project and we would love for you to participate in the SoLCert auction. Bitshares is cheap right now compared to its last years price and is even cheaper compared to its starting price. So getting into SoLCerts (should this platform be successful) should actually be more attractive through Bitshares than Bitcoin which is expensive. And there are plenty of places to get your hands on Bitshares too.

In closing as I stated all funds raised through SoLCerts will go towards promoting our KickStarter and reaching a mainstream audience. But we want to do more than just a KickStarter, we also want to give the crypto world a second chance to do what Satoshi got wrong. Stand by your principles. In Part 5 we will talk about the second coming auction/crowdsale that will be pursued adjacent to the KickStarter. The KickStarter is geared towards building our mainstream audience. The crowdsale and auctions are geared towards building our crypto-investor community…

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