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Logic is a beautiful thing. And it can work in Hollywood. As a content creator I’ve always believed that and it is originally what set me on my path to creating the change I envisioned. Hello my name is Solomon “Sollywood” Adekale and I am the founder of the online marketplace Sollywood TV with its digital currency Sollars and $ense: Smart Money… or New Money. Now rather than give the Silicon Valley pitch of what this full stack product is let’s talk about your almost guaranteed reaction… Its strange isn’t it. He’s strange… A marketplace for content and services? With its own digital currency? Weirdo. Fair enough, I love my weirdness. And I also love the first question that usually culminates from this typical reaction.

How in the hell or what in the hell made you come up with the idea of using a digital currency to quote unquote “change Hollywood” (see what I just did there). We all know the marketplace isn’t the unique idea its the digital currency that makes it “different”. So the often immediate question disregarding the marketplace and focusing entirely on the currency makes a lot of $ense. Well lets just say it was not simple or an overnight idea but the process went something more or less like this.

The Start…

It basically started with Hollywood’s poor economics for student filmmakers. Five years ago in film school, I was taught (along with many others) everything other than Hollywood produced content was pretty much worthless… That included our films we made for class and outside of class. BUT WAIT… Let us think about that for a second. My short films I put my sweat blood and tears into? That I paid real money to produce? Worthless? Oh yes “they” replied. It wasn’t “Premium” so there was no money to be made. Interesting rebuttal. But let us actually think about that for a second. It’s not “Premium”, undoubtedly meaning high quality, so therefore there is no money to be made?

Now… Anyone who understands basic economics knows that that statement was (and still is) a 100% lie. Simply head down to your favorite grocery store and look at all the “off” brands that sell just as much as your favorite “premium” products. Your BS meter should be flying off the charts right now. Likewise if you’ve ever seen a YouTube cat video with millions of views you understand what I understood back then. That cat video maker just made a ton of money off of that video and these cat video makers aren’t even filmmakers. Unfortunately most filmmakers didn’t and still don’t care about economics. Regardless the statement “there is no money to be made” was and still is a bold face lie. And I clearly understood this. I spent money to make a product (short film), it should be worth SOMETHING… Right? Not even 3 $ense?

That logical Moment…

Oh you see there it is. That price. Yes in film school I started to understand the problem wasn’t my product, it was Hollywood’s closed distribution & pricing system. It was the lack of an environment where filmmakers like me had more ways to price our content for consumers. So I postulated if content creators had an online environment where they could correctly price their content (at some market value X (3 $ense)), then may be more of them could be supported… And possibly even make an honest living off their “worthless” films.

Here’s another way to think about my thought process and why “Premium” just did not matter… If there was no obstacle for anyone to view content and get a content creator paid… Was it better for a Content Creator (Short Filmmaker like myself) to get 5 people to pay $20 or 50 people to pay 2 Dollars? What about 100 people to pay 1 Dollar? What about 200 people to pay 50 $ense? What about 1000 people to pay 10 $ense? What about 10,000 people to pay 0.01 $ent? Which of these price points is better for the content creator of the 21st century? A content creator who absolutely needs a loyal audience to pay for his content just to survive?

All price points have the same monetary value output but which seems like a price point people would be more than willing to pay with their input? Which price point had the potential to build a bigger loyal audience over time for that content creator? And finally which price point gets the consumer to viewing content the fastest if they all had the same transaction experience? The answer was obvious but there was that one huge barrier…

The Next Logical Moment: The Transactional Experience…

This is where digital currency comes clear into play [stage: RIGHT]. You see we are reasonable people right? Good. So let’s be honest. No one in their right mind would constantly pull out a credit card to pay for something that’s 0.25 cents let alone 0.01 cent or half of that. But what if they didn’t have to… What if selling at the price-point of 0.01 cent was seamless or even more seamless than buying something at $5 or $50? The only answer that “made $ense” was a digital or virtual currency. You see a completely new digital currency, in theory, could introduce complete supply and demand pricing down to $ense on the Dollar or even cheaper (I didn’t know about Bitcoin at the time). With our legacy system’s red tape of a million unnecessary middlemen (banks payment providers etc) New Money could essentially erase them all. New digital currency was the only tech that could.

But now how would it work in practical terms? In practice, people could simply buy the currency in bulk (like game tokens), or rack up points by earning them (ads that pay you/tasks that pay you) and spend at real value on the platform (solving the pain point). People would buy in bulk and spend at real value, or earn in spades and spend at real value. Either way the digital currency would be solving the pain point for me and any other content creator who were looking to monetize their content. Now all content creators could have a chance to build an audience and prosper. It was not just the Big Guys making “premium” content anymore. With this system everyone could potentially win and most importantly survive with any type of content from short films (me) all the way up to Big Budget epics. Because we all could simply price CORRECTLY…

This unique understanding is what made me “drop out” of Hollywood 5 years ago to start my own digital currency and pursue computer science. And now I’m here looking to run a KickStarter with my development community to make this idea an actuality for all content creators. That is my story and the feature length answer to “How I created my Own Currency: Or How I Learned Not to Worry and Just Make $ense”.

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