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The Death of Cable

It’s Very Real…

And we are glad to see individuals are coming around to understanding why starting New Money (Sollars and $ense) in Hollywood is such a smart idea. The Death of Cable is REAL, its here, and its time to put the final nail in that coffin with Sollywood TV. The free market has done such a great job over the last 10 years of providing solid solutions that continue to eat away at the dominance of Cable. From Netflix to VHX to Apple TV, Roku, Twitch, Buzz Feed and so much more. All these platforms and products are writing the new rules of how this game can be played in the Information Age. And we’re hear to add in a little of our cheat code, so now all content creators can win with the right price [#Makes$ense].

With that said here are some relevant articles to the Death of Cable:

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