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NEW MONEY: The Funding Ourselves Series – Part 6 [Closing Thoughts]

Always remember our motto is simple: Make $ense for our world’s economies. Each Sollar bond/SoLCert acquired through action or purchase represents that vision being achieved and the human belief that it will continue… This is actually a vision I have had for a long time. Its interesting that it is just now starting to catch on. But honestly here is a little truth… It’s mostly my fault.

As an entrepreneur I’ve probably made every mistake an entrepreneur can make trying to bring these ideas to market. My mistakes would make Thomas Edison’s misfortunes look like a walk in the park. Yes I actually tried to learn to build this myself. Yeah I did a year of computer science thinking I could build an entirely new money system… I also made the classic mistake of spending way too much time trying to reach out to VCs and institutional investors, all that time I spent reaching out to them I could have spent making this blog post and reaching out directly to you. But better late than never.

I mean don’t get me wrong some VCs are good people… and pets, but it’s a different world and avenue for financing. This is such a huge disruption we are attempting to pull off. The cutting edge of the cutting edge. One needs the smart kind of people the smart kind of investor or in my case community to really come behind this and make everything we are trying to do a reality. Thats really why I joined Bitshares. No we are not perfect and we have made major mistakes. But haven’t we all? Its life and we live and we learn. But at the end of the day its the best community of free thinkers, crypto Big Wigs, investors, programmers, creators and all around good people I’ve been involved with.

Bitshares Open Source Community

I joined the BitShares community because of product market fit or really product community fit. I’ve been deeply involved with this open-source community  for the past year and its been a wild ride so far! We chose Bitshares as a base technology to build off of because it’s programmed economics allow the unique subset of currency entrepreneurs such as myself to power our dreams and visions of a better world. You can simply think of Bitshares technology as the new linux for finance whatever financial elements one need to power or jump start a venture… Its got it, without a need for a bank. Its all code and cryptography aka complex math.

So if you need shares, bonds, digital assets, full on banking security or super micro pricing that allows content to be correctly priced in a stable and reliable way. Bitshares technology can be modified for any and all of that… at scale. So what Linux did for ventures like Apple with Steve Jobs and pretty much everything that isn’t Windows. I believe Bitshares will do for New Money.

All of our token and assets will be issued on Bitshares based platforms. This will be for the forseeable future until it becomes time for Sollars and Sense to have its own blockchain our Smart Money Tree.

So in closing of this entire series, why should you get involved with this project and support New Money? There is one simple overarching reason: Solid Returns.

  • When average everyday people start having the hallmark experience of introducing a completely new alternative currency to their grandma and she instantly gets it, you’ll see why you got involved.
  • When Sollars and Sense becomes a trend on Twitter, Facebook, Google and What Teens think about Sollars and Sense starts the process of setting the next generation’s up for their alternative to banking (which they are begging for), you’ll see why you got involved.
  • In five years when “make $ense” is now an established cultural term for Americans and American businesses. Where there is literally no difference in using Dollars and Sollars on a daily basis for the average person and business in the world, you’ll see why you got involved.
  • In ten years when every child is taught from the moment that they are born that intrinsic and monetary value gets its intrinsic property from them and their soul. And our technologies are predominantly used to honor and explore that truth in an economic way; you’ll understand why you acquired SoLCerts.
  • In 15-20 years when trillions of Dollars in the global markets have a choice to be priced in Dollars or Sollars. When Sollars protocol and monetary unit is playing the official additional currency option for majority of the Dollars Reserve market, you’ll see why you chose to make $ense and participate in the New Money project.

For all these situations that will be a reality, you now have the choice to be able to look back and say proudly we were the ones who made $ense where it counted. We chose to invest in someone who thought outside the box that the box was in with a vision for the future that counted. And your calculated returns will reflect that. Stay wise. Peace!

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